Turnkey Virtual Private Server

VPS ranges adapted to your budget and your needs.

Starter (+15$/month) Linux

Processor 1 vCore
Memory 2 Go
Storage 20 Go SSD SATA
Public bandwidth 100 Mbit/s

Value (+30$/month) LinuxWindows Server

Processor 1 vCore
Memory 2 Go
Storage 40 Go SSD NVMe
Public bandwidth 250 Mbit/s

Essential (+45$/month) LinuxWindows Server

Processor 2 vCore
Memory 4 Go
Storage 80 Go SSD NVMe
Public bandwidth 500 Mbit/s

Comfort (+90$/month) LinuxWindows Server

Processor 4 vCore
Memory 8 Go
Storage 160 Go SSD NVMe
Public bandwidth 1 Gbit/s

Included with your server
IPv4 and IPv6 addresses
Each server comes with a public IPv4 address, and an IPv6 address. You can buy additional IPv4 addresses for your dedicated server (up to 256 per machine).

Distribution only
Fedora Fedora Centos Centos CoreOS CoreOS Debian Debian Ubuntu Ubuntu Archlinux Archlinux FreeBSD FreeBSD

Windows Server Windows Server (+15$/month license)

Distribution with application
cPanel (+40$/month license) pre-installed on Centos 7
Virtualmin pre-installed on Centos 8
Wordpress pre-installed on Centos 8
VestaCP pre-installed on Centos 7
OpenVPN pre-installed on Centos 8
Docker pre-installed on Centos 8
Drupal pre-installed on Centos 8
Joomla pre-installed on Centos 8
GitLab pre-installed on Centos 8
Prestashop pre-installed on Centos 8

Datacenter Location
North America, Canada, Beauharnois (BHS)
Asia-Pacific, Australia, Sydney (SYD)
Asia-Pacific, Singapore, Singapore (SGP)
Western Europe, France, Gravelines (GRA)
Western Europe, France, Strasbourg (SBG)
Central Europe, Poland, Warsaw (WAW)
Central Europe, Germany, Frankfurt (DE)
Western Europe, United Kingdom, London (UK)

Virtual private server installation and maintenance service.

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